myFuelLog Lite App Reviews

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Excellent app but need an update

This is an excellent app but it needs to be updated as warnings are shown when you open the app that later versions of IOS are not going to support the app anymore.

A little hard to understand

I don't understand how to put the odometer reading into the system. I want to keep track of my mileage. I just downloaded this app so maybe I will figure it out.

Good for use

I am looking log sheet for my car With unit km/l. It can be used with variable purposes Excellent !

Helpful little app

However, some remarks: "Spark plugs", not "car candles" Please, add ability to select "partial" when re-editing fuel data

Forget it!!

This was a good app until it got "up-dated" for "bux fixes". From that point on the app is as bad as the spelling. Wildly inaccurate calculations. I am deleting.

Glad I didn't pay for this >>>

Input several dates, fills, etc and then went to graph way to get back to input screens...finally deleted app not going to waste any more time trying to re-install and re-input data.

Simple to use

Great free app that is simple to use.

Nice app to keep your MPG records

This app is really great. Just be sure to check your preference settings or you may think it's not giving you the correct mpg calculations. Keep up the good work Stefano.

not good

Edit funtion doesnt work. You input data- need correct after save- doesnt respond

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